Holy Week Day 3 – Pride Goes Before the Fall

What happens when we get wrapped up in our own way of thinking? What happens when we don’t allow the evidence in front of us to help shape our thoughts? What happens when we think we know best? Judas happens.

On Holy and Great Wednesday the Orthodox Church commemorates the betrayal of Christ by Judas. This is such a profound day that it is a day of fasting just about year round, with very few exceptions. It is a day in which we recall the risk of being blinded by pride.

Holy Week Day 2 – Prepared not Selfish

During our Christian journey we are constantly being told to love others as ourselves, put the needs of others ahead of our needs, and to serve others. Then somehow we’re told that five virgins that wouldn’t share their oil with others were wise. The virgins that needed oil for their lamps were the foolish ones. Which is it? Serve others or keep the oil to ourselves?

Holy Week Day 1 – Today is the Day

Having just celebrated Palm Sunday and the Saturday of Lazarus, Great Lent almost seems like a distant memory. It is a good reminder that time moves constantly forward, despite and sometimes it feels in spite of our desires to slow it down. Alas, it moves with the same speed every day, and we are blessed with weeks like this to remind ourselves that we don’t have ‘all the time in the world’ to get down what our souls needs getting done.

A Different Sort of King

For the Feast of Palm Sunday, we welcome The King of Kings, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not into the city, but into our hearts. This year because of the pandemic, we celebrate the Victorious Entrance of Christ by staying at home, rather than gathering a large crowd in the Church. This year our humble king is honored by being invited to enter our hearts and become our King.

A Resurrection of Faith

On the Saturday of Lazarus, the day before Palm Sunday, the Church recalls the faith of Mary and Martha and the power of God. Their faith wasn’t perfect. In fact they had a moment of doubt when they said, “If only you had been here, our brother would not be dead.” When they witnessed the power of God, they believed more than ever. This year, our faith might have its moments of doubt, but by God’s power, and the love we show other by staying home, our faith will be resurrected. When we are allowed back to Church, our faith will be stronger than ever before.

Day 40 – Always Look Ahead

Today is the final day of our Great Lenten Journey, and while it was not what we expected since we have spent most of our journey in quarantine, and I invite you to reflect upon the blessings you received. Sometimes, while we are in the midst of a journey, we forget that journeys end, and we must move on to the next journey. I guess you could say life is a journey of journeys.

Day 39 – Wisdom, Let us Be Attentive

Wisdom is a character trait for which we chase our entire life. When we are young, we are told wisdom comes with age. When we grow older, wisdom continues to be out of reach. Every year we look back at our younger self and think, “What I thought I knew…” It doesn’t matter how old we get; we always look back with astonishment at our younger self. Will we ever attain wisdom?

Think Beyond Ourselves

On the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, the Church calls us to service of our brothers and sisters. Instead of being preoccupied with our own position, we are called by Christ to the slave of all. This is only possible when we think beyond ourselves. As our society continues with social distancing and stay at home orders, and we continue to be forced to worship from home rather than in the Church, it is our turn to serve others by staying home. It is our turn to be the slave of all, for the good of society.