Think Beyond Ourselves

On the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, the Church calls us to service of our brothers and sisters. Instead of being preoccupied with our own position, we are called by Christ to the slave of all. This is only possible when we think beyond ourselves. As our society continues with social distancing and stay at home orders, and we continue to be forced to worship from home rather than in the Church, it is our turn to serve others by staying home. It is our turn to be the slave of all, for the good of society.

Day 36 – Helping Young People Cope

I’ve noticed something on social media during the past few weeks that concerns me. As if it isn’t difficult enough for families to be quarantined, or at the very least to be limited in movement outside the home, I understand tensions can run high in family dynamics. That being said, I also think parents need to be parents during this crisis rather than friends.

Day 35 - What does it mean to be great?

When Saint James and Saint John, the Apostles of Christ, ask Jesus to honor their commitment with special seats in heaven Jesus said, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” (Mark 10.33-34) He said this to show the difference between how the world acts toward others as opposed to how God wants us to act toward others. We Christians are not supposed to desire seats of honor. We Christians are not supposed to want to be served by others. We Christians are supposed to serve others.

Day 30 – For Whom is this Journey?

In our effort to reduce our anxiety this week, I invite you to consider Who it is that you are on this journey to please? As Orthodox Christians, we spend most of our time talking about defeating pride, and loving others as ourselves, but Who are you doing this for? Is it for your children, your spouse, your friend? You might think I believe you should be on this journey for yourself, but you would be wrong.