What are You Willing to Leave Behind for Christ?

In the Gospel of Luke 18.18-27, we hear the popular reminder about wealth and heaven. “How hard is it for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Luke 18.24-25) If we are waiting to see a camel get through the needle, we are missing the point of the lesson. We are the camel, and until we are willing to leave the burden of wealth and prestige behind, we will never follow Christ into heaven. Sound impossible? Don’t worry.

To Serve Others

When it comes to preparing to celebrate Christmas, it can be a daunting task. Weeks of Christmas parties and shopping days can lead to serious anxiety, and for what? What happens if tonight our soul is required of us? Those things which we have been preparing, whose will they be? The story of the rich man who tore down his barns to building larger ones, can teach us a lesson. The gifts, resources, talents, and blessings that God has given to us, are not for us to focus on ourselves. They are given to us to serve others.

Our Chance is NOW!

Many times when we hear the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke 16.19-31, we get confused about the great chasm between heaven and hell. Most think this is a physical separation, but the Fathers teach us that the chasm is the time of our death. We have until NOW, before we die, to prepare our heart to experience heaven as joy. If we live our life like the rich man, totally self-absorbed and ignoring the needs of others, we will experience heaven as torment and fire.

Obedience and Patience

When it comes to living a New Life In Christ, it requires more than just asking God for blessings. When Jairus asked Christ to heal his daughter, he had to show obedience and patience, even knowing his daughter died, before he experienced God’s blessings.

Don’t be Held Down by the Demons of Life

Sometimes we hear the Gospel and think of “just another story from another time in history.” In truth every story in the Scripture is for out benefit today. When we hear the story of the Gadarene Demoniac, although we may not be demon possessed, there are many demons that can cripple us and leave us alone in the wilderness. The joy we can have through hearing this Gospel lesson is that God is always protecting us, and He has the power to free us from the demons that control us.

The Church as Safe Haven

I’ve been thinking about this a great deal lately. Being a priest in a historical cathedral, in a historical community, I often hear stories about how the Church was the center of everyone’s lives “back then”. It never fails that the one sharing the particular story with me inevitably states how nice it would be to return to a time when the Church was the center of life for our community. But before we can return, if in fact we need or want to return, we must first ask the question, “Why was the Church the center of life in the first place?

Working our souls to bear fruit for God

When it comes to hearing the Word of God, everyone has an equal chance to hear and receive the Gospel. Each of us, depending upon the condition of our heart and soul will hear the Word of God, and either produce fruit or not produce fruit for the glory of God. Year after year the Church proclaims the same Gospel story so that as our heart and grow closer to God we are able to produce fruit, but it requires work to prepare our soul.

Being Present

Sometimes words just are insufficient for comfort, especially when tragic events occur. In those moments, it can be enough to just be present with those who are suffering. In those moments, God’s presence can be experienced through our willingness to keep our mouth shut and just pray with others. God’s grace is able to bring comfort where we fall short, no matter how many people gather. God is there whether we see him or not. Whether we recognize it or not, God is always standing, holding our hand.

Be Present and Pray

Several times in my ministry I have had the profound experience of spending time with families during a variety of tragedies. The most profound is when I am blessed to walk along with a parent who is forced to bury a child. I have long believed that human beings are not designed to bury children. As difficult as it can be to bury parents, grandparents and even spouses and siblings, there is a unique pain when a parent is faced with the death of a child, no matter who old that child is.