October 2020

Three Life Lessons

In the single story of the healing of the man with legion demons, we are blessed with three life lessons. First, when we feel that we are totally consumed and overwhelmed by the struggles and temptations of life, we can always find enough power to come to Christ for healing. Second, although demons are in fact real, they have no power over us unless God Himself or we give them power. Third and finally, we learn that God does His work and blesses others through our offerings. When we embrace these three life lessons, we receive God’s blessings.

God Sends His Message of Hope to the Entire World

As we learn in the Parable of the Sower found in Luke 8.5-15, we are told that God is the Sower and the Seed in the Word of God. We are told that sometimes we hear the word of God when our hearts are too hard to accept His Word, and the demons come and steal it away. We are told that sometimes our hearts are like the rocks or the thorns, and we hear the Word of God but never bear fruit because of the struggles and temptation and pleasures of life.

Hope for Nothing in Return

As Christians living in the world, we must understand that God has given us His expectation on how we are live with others. In the so-called “Golden Rule” we learn, “And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise,” (Luke 6.31) God makes is quite clear that we are do good expecting nothing in return because even sinners do good expecting good in return. God loves us, He blesses us, He forgives us, whether we or not we deserve it. The least we can do is the same, if we want others to love us and be kind to us, and pray for us.

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