July 2019

Loving in the Midst of Lust

I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite some time. We are invited by our Lord to love everyone we encounter in life. We are also challenged by our society to love others who might be different from us, be it politically, physically, intellectually, morally, but lately most especially religiously. In truth, our Lord would not disagree with this challenge, but does the society express love in the same way as God?

Work, but Don’t Be Anxious

There is a story about an American cabbie who was visiting Greece with his family. One day he went looking for a taxicab only to find all the drivers in the cafeneion. One after the other, they each refused to take his fare. Finally, he asked one cabbie, “It is only NOON, why won’t you take my fare?” He answered, “I have made all the money I need for today. Tomorrow I will drive more.” The American was shocked, so he pressed.