Choose to Fight on God's Side

Choose to fight on God’s Side As the Gospel teaches us, just moments after Christ was born, the world turned against Him. King Herod killed thousands of innocent children in his attempt to kill Christ. Throughout history the world and the Devil has been at war with God, and we are caught in the middle. Although, living in America we do not fully understand what it means to live in persecution, hearing the Gospel stories of persecution and watching the nightly news coverage of persecuted Christians gives us a glimpse of what it means to fight on the side of God in this war. As the New Year approaches, now is the time for us to choose to fight on the side of God, rather than to allow the world to get between us and God. He is our King, our God, and our Father. The world will always fight against us, but when we are persecuted, always remember we are in good company with tens of thousands of holy men and women who chose God.

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