Selfish or Humble

Great Lent

On Holy and Great Wednesday, the Church offers us an option beautifully laid out in the hymns of the day. Will we be Judas or the woman who anointed Jesus? Life is a daily choice between following our own selfish desires, or humble repentance.

The hymn below poetically expresses the dichotomy of this choice. While both were sinners, only one was saved. While both knew of Christ, only one knew Him. One had everything as a member of the inner circle, while the other lived an uphill challenge as a harlot. One was greedy, while the other gave up her entire life for Christ.

As Holy Week approaches the pinnacle of the Passion of Christ, today we are invited to make a choice. Will we follow our selfish desire, and become a slave of the enemy? Or will we pour out of love for God? The choice is real.

When the sinful woman offered the fragrant oil, then the disciple made his agreement with the transgressors of the Law She rejoiced in pouring out the costly oil, and he lost no time in selling off the priceless One. She acknowledged the Master, and he was becoming estranged from the Master. She was emancipated, while Judas became a slave of the enemy. How dreadful was his rashness! How great was her repentance! Grant me this repentance, O Savior who suffered for us, and save us. – from the Praises sung at Orthros/Matins of Holy Wednesday. Translation by AGES Initiatives.

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