The World Hates God

Just days after Christ was born, the world began to fight against Him. Herod sought out to kill Him, just to maintain his power and influence over the people. Not much has changed in two thousand years. The world still hates God and His Church and is still trying to kill our children. An angel sent Joseph to protect the newborn Christ and His mother. Our job is to protect our children, bring them to Church, teach them to love the Lord and feel God’s love and protection.

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Thank you for tuning into another episode of Be Transfigured where we invite you to live a new life in Christ. We pray that this episode is a blessing to you and will inspire you to rededicate your life to Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us for worship or study at the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where visitors are always welcome. We'll be back in a few moments to share some more information about our ministry.

My brothers and sisters, as we heard in the Gospel this morning, as soon as Christ was born, the world hated him. The world went to destroy him just days after he was born. The leaders of the Jewish people had great authority and power over the people, but they hated Christ because when Christ came into the picture, they lost all of their influence. They lost their power. They lost their control and so they immediately sought out to destroy Christ and the world continues today to fight against God and his Church because the world has power and authority. When God's will comes into the hearts of individual people, when God's love comes to live within our heart.

Because the love of God in our hearts chases the power of the world away and just as Herod went to kill all the children just to see, to make sure he was able to kill Christ, he killed every child under the age of two. Believe me when I tell you, my brothers and sisters, the world is out to kill our children as well. Maybe not physically, although with the drug problems in our society, the world is doing its fair share of killing our children. But more importantly than the physical death is our children are being snatched away one by one from the Church. There are being taken away and they are being brainwashed to believe that the Church does not have the truth. Nothing has changed in 2,000 years.

The world continues to fight against Christ and so the angel told Joseph "Take the child and his mother and go to Egypt and be safe there and I will tell you when you come back." What are we doing to protect our children from the world? We send them out alone. We send them onto the internet. We send them onto this smartphone app, this smartphone app, that smartphone app, this video game, this. What we need to be doing is bringing our children to church and not just for basketball and not just for Greek dance, although those things are important. But, we need to be bringing our children into the church to live with God and to be protected by God and to learn to love God. The world won't do it for us because the world hates God.

We had a full church on Christmas Eve. Praise God people came by the hundreds to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Communion line was long. Thank God. But, sometimes we have to reflect. How much has changed in 2,000 years when we can sit in a half empty church only six days after Christmas? We need to do better. We need to bring our children to this church, not just the community center. We need to bring our children so they can hear the word of God. We need to bring our children so they can taste in their mouth Holy Communion, where they can feel on their lips the holy icons when they kiss the icons. I promise you God will protect them if they come into His house and they will remember.

Even if, as I said last week, they stray in the desert for a little while, God will still protect them and they will remember in their heart that God loves them and that we love them and that we will do whatever we can to protect our children from the world. The gospel, quoting The Old Testament "A voice was heard in Rama, lamentation, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to because comforted because they were no more.” Our job, my brothers and sisters, is so that this passage is not said about us in Tarpon Springs. That we will not say the women of Tarpon Springs have wailed and cried because their children are no more. We have to do better for our children and our grandchildren so that we don't just hear one baby but hundreds.

I have to warn some of you. When the children come, it's going to get loud. They're going to cry and they're going to scream, but better they do that inside the church than out in the world where the world is out to get them. Christ is born. Glorify him. Now, let's go and get all of our children and bring them to his house so they can have the protection of the Savior who came to save them. Glory to God for all things.

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