Christ is Risen!

Icon of Resurrection

Our journey is over, or is it just beginning? Today is the Feast of Feasts, the Day of Resurrection, the day on which the world has forever changed. Christ is Risen, and death no longer has any power over our lives. If we have learned anything from this year’s Daily Lenten Journey, I pray we have learned that we are not the same person we were when our journey began forty 49 days ago. Seven weeks is a long time, but it seems like we just began, and now we are celebrating.

One hour at a time, throughout the day yesterday, Orthodox Christians throughout the world joyfully proclaimed Christ is Risen in just about every language in the world. Today, we gathered for the AGAPE Vespers (Vespers of Love) to proclaim the Gospel in as many languages as we could. It is a steady reminder that the Gospel is for the entire world.

Yesterday we heard, “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28.19) Today is our opportunity to answer the call and proclaim His Resurrection to the world. I invite you to refrain from any “we’re better than you are” comments with other Christians. Yes, we are the true Church celebrating the Resurrection according to many ancient customs, but there have been plenty of “newer” customs as well throughout the world. The way we will win hearts for Christ in this dark world will be to share the joy of the resurrection, the power of hope in the LIVING Christ through His Living Church.

The world is a dark place filled with pain and suffering. We received the Light of Christ last night to remind us that He has conquered the darkness. Offer light to defeat darkness. Offer hope to defeat suffering. Let’s keep growing! Christ is Risen! As an added bonus, I am included a list of different translations of Christ is Risen!



Krishti u Ungjall

Vertet Unjal!


Al Masieh Qam!

Haken Qam!


Hristos Voskrese!

Vo Istina Voskrese!


Cristo ha Resucitado!

En Verdad ha Resucitado!


Christ Is Risen!

Truly He Is Risen!


Le Christ est Ressuscite!

En Verite Il est Ressuscite!


Christus ist Erstanden!

Er ist Wahrhaftig Erstanden!


Christos Anesti!

Alithos Anesti!


Cristo `e Risorto!

Veramente `e Risorto!


Christus Resurrexit!

Vere Resurrexit!


Messiah Ouytarthebhynettu

Theerchayayum uyirthezhunnettu


Hristos a Inviat!

Adevarat a Inviat!


Khristos Voskrese!

Voistinu Voskrese!


¡Cristo ha resucitado!

¡En verdad ha resucitado!


Kristo Amefufukka!

Kweli Amefufukka!


Si Kristo ay nabuhay!

Totoo! Siya nga ay nabuhay!


Hristos Diril-di!

Hakikaten Diril-di!


Khristos Voskres!

Voistinu Voskres!