Your Great Lenten Coach

Yesterday I mentioned some members of your team during Great Lent. The success of any team depends upon everyone working in agreement to the different roles of the team. If at any time, team members ignore their respective roles, or the roles of other members of the team, success is not likely. The same holds true for your Great Lenten team. Do you have a coach?

Your coach, or as we call him Spiritual Father, is the one who has been given the responsibility by God to guide you in your journey. He has received training, and the experience that you can trust. He has fasted and prayed his own Great Lenten Journey, just as any good coach before guiding others. He has received grace from God at his ordination and takes his role very seriously, but every spiritual father needs spiritual children.

As you continue with week three of Great Lent, take a few moments to contact your spiritual father and ask for his assistance this week. A good team allows each member of the team to fulfill their respective roles. If you don’t allow his to fulfill his, you won’t be able to fulfill your role. Great Lent is not just about fasting, but growing closer to Christ with each other as members of His Church. As members of His Church, we must work together.