Are We Greater than God?

On the final Sunday before the Great Fast, the Church reminds us of the importance of forgiveness in our salvation. Without forgiveness, there is no salvation. When we refuse to forgive others for what they may have done against us, we forget that all sin is against God, and it is His sole discretion to forgive. If we refuse to forgive, it is because we have placed ourselves as greater than God. If God is willing to forgive, who are we to refuse? We must take the responsibility for our sin of pride and ego, or we will never ask for forgiveness. When Adam and Eve sinned against God in the Garden, they denied having any responsibility in their sin, choosing rather than blame others. Since they never asked to be forgiven, God was unable to forgive them, and they were sent out of the Garden. Don’t make the same mistake. Take responsibility. Forgive and be forgiven!