Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UNITY: It’s What God Wants

Shortly before our Lord ascended the Holy Cross, He prayed for us to “be one” as He is one with the Father. The Church has struggled for centuries with this dilemma as we are fallen human beings. We tend to gather in separate groups. If we are going to answer the call of Jesus Christ, we must learn to put aside the different groups in favor of being ONE Church, ONE family, ONE Body of Christ.


Anonymous said...

There is a line of thought that there is one Church and that is the Orthodox Church, as we proclaim in the Symbol of the Faith. The idea that "unity" needs to be accomplished is in direct opposition to this fact. The Church has never been divided. Either you are a member of the Church or you are not.

Be Transfigured Ministries said...

I appreciate your comment, but this is not the context of this sermon. There are in fact many divisions WITHIN the Church. Otherwise Saint Paul would not have lamented such division. Please watch the video and you will better understand the context.