Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why We Post the Negative Opinions from Others

Over the past couple weeks, news has been spreading through cyberspace about a high profile Protestant who converted to Orthodoxy for Pascha. In the coverage has been a ranting Protestant who, among other accusations, used terms such as “witchcraft” and “sorcery” to describe the Pascha Liturgy. I posted one article on our Facebook Page which has naturally caused a great deal of emotion from many of our fans. Some even questioned why we would past such articles that were obviously so negative about Orthodox Christianity. My answer is to quote Saint Basil the Great...
“There is no lack in these days of captious listeners and questioners; but to find a character desirous of information, and seeking the truth as a remedy for ignorance, is very difficult. Just as in the hunter's snare, or in the soldier's ambush, the trick is generally ingeniously concealed, so it is with the inquiries of the majority of the questioners who advance arguments, not so much with the view of getting any good out of them, as in order that, in the event of their failing to elicit answers which chime in with their own desires, they may seem to have fair ground for controversy........ You, however, chiefly with the view of benefiting them, or, if they are wholly incurable, for the security of such as may fall in with them, have expressed the opinion that some clear instruction ought to be published concerning the force underlying the syllables employed. I will therefore write as concisely as possible, in the endeavor to lay down some admitted principle for the discussion.” (On the Holy Spirit – Chapter 1)
Saint Basil acknowledged that many choose to ask question merely to argue. For those he does not suggest engaging into a debate, since they are not seeking truth. For the sake of those who are under the influence of those who are merely arguing, Saint Basil agrees, in essence to protect others from false teachings, agrees to debate the subject.

In like manner, I expect that the recent articles against the Orthodox Church are not written from the point of view of seeking the truth. There are many more examples of those seeking the truth who indeed embrace Orthodoxy. That being said, for the sake of those who trust the words of the authors writing such outlandish vitriol about the Church, I post these articles and engage in the debate. Our young people especially are under the great influence of such authors and nonOrthodox Churches who speak out against the Church.

We Orthodox have done such a poor job of properly training and educating our youth in the faith, they many are being led astray from Orthodoxy. I don’t begrudge anyone their God-given free will to leave the Church. I do, however, owe it to those faithful to offer them the truth about the Church praying they will remain faithful members of the Church.

Alas our mission at Be Transfigured Ministries is to help people Live A New Life In Christ, within the Orthodox Christian Church. In more than twenty years of ministry, unfortunately, I have found many have left the Church in ignorance thinking they were rejecting poor theology. In truth they were rejecting a lie, which in most cases I too would have rejected.

If you would like to help us with this mission, please share our ministry with your friends. Become a supporter of our ministry and invite your friends to support our efforts. Ultimately though.....LIVE A NEW LIFE IN CHRIST! Your life will be a true reflection of the truth of Orthodoxy.

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