Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Most Dangerous Illness is a Hidden Illness

When we visit the doctor for our regular check-up we expect to hear the doctor tell us about our blood results and any other possible problems that might indicate some sort of illness. But what if our doctor hid our illness from us? What if our doctor knew there were serious complications with our blood work, but refused to share this information with us? Or worse....What if our doctor knew there were serious complications with our blood work, but told us it was normal and we shouldn’t bother trying to change our eating habits and lifestyle? If this happened to us in our doctor’s office, we would be furious!

But this is exactly what is happening in our contemporary society, not physically but spiritually. Every day we go about our routine with spiritual illnesses, but when many either hide our illnesses from us or try to make us believe our illness is normal and there is nothing to worry about, instead of being furious we are thankful. Yet, when we are unaware of a serious physical illness our anger is a result of admitting we would have been willing to change our behavior if someone had only told us before it was too late. But when we find out too late to change, and the illness has overtaken us, we are filled with regret and anger that someone should have told us!

On this Fourth Sunday of Pascha, the Church calls our attention to the healing of the paralytic. “Sir I have no man,” was the voice of regret in the face of illness. Unlike the paralytic we are not alone in our illness. We have the Church to help diagnose our illness, and then to help find the cure. But there remains one final obstacle....many of us listen to the society which is telling us we are not sick, and keeps our spiritual illness hidden from us. Christ was able to heal the paralytic because his illness was not hidden. We cannot be healed if our illness remains hidden, or worse......ignored.

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