Saturday, April 2, 2016

You Reached the Half-Way Point

CONGRATULATIONS! Today marks the half-way point of Great Lent – Day 20! It might seem strange, but although Great Lent is forty days long, and today is day twenty, Holy and Great Pascha is May 1st which is still 29 days from today. Wait a minute……is something wrong with my calculator or this one of the “calendar issues” that we talk about? Neither.

Great Lent is forty days of prayer and fasting in preparation to for Pascha. But there is something between Great Lent and Pascha, namely the Feasts of Lazarus and Palm Sunday, and Holy Week. Holy Week is a separate season on the Church calendar which I will speak more about during Holy Week. In the meantime, focus on prayer, fasting, almsgiving, Holy confession, and the worship of God; and your journey will be blessed by God.

Sometimes we have to fight the temptation to constantly look ahead at the celebration, lest we forget the work and dedication that is necessary for us to get through Great Lent. Today is a day, like last weekend, we eat oil and wine. Tomorrow is the Veneration of the Holy, Precious and Life Giving Cross to remind us that, though we are half-way along our journey, the Cross is our ultimate goal.

Have a blessed Lent

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