Friday, April 22, 2016

Day Forty....You Made it!

Today is the last day of Great Lent. If you have even tried, you have succeeded. Great Lent has been about making an effort to offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice. It has been about dedicating real time and energy to making a change in your life. It hasn’t really been about food, but you have fasted. Congratulations!

Over the past forty days I have attempted to offer you words that would both encourage you and inspire you to work harder. I pray these Daily Lenten Journey posts have been a blessing, but I that blessing would mean nothing if I didn’t remind you, even if you were incredibly successful during the past forty days, if you turn away now you will regret it. You will lose everything you have gained in the past forty days it somehow does not change the way you live tomorrow and the days that will follow.

I pray our Daily Lenten Journey together has helped you to Live A New Life In Christ. Have a blessed Holy Week Journey next week. Stay tuned for more.....

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