Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Meat....Meat....Everywhere I Look I See Meat!

By the end of yesterday I think I had seen every possible advertisement or commercial for meat in existence. Even watching a program about sensory perception, I found bacon sizzling and hamburgers falling from the sky. I think I was surrounded by meat yesterday. I think most people who fast were; it’s just part of the process.

Of course there is no anti-Orthodox Christian conspiracy that places more meat advertising in front of our faces during the Fast, but it is interesting how much our attention is drawn to the meat. It REALLY IS A GIFT when we fast. When we are making a conscious decision to avoid a particular behavior, in this case eating meat, we tend to be more aware of the temptation that surrounds us. The blessing from fasting comes not in the improved cholesterol, though it is a side benefit, but in the increased awareness of our surroundings.  Even throughout the year with the Wednesday/Friday fast, we must first remain aware of what day it is before we can keep the fast.

When we practice this awareness of our surroundings, THEN we can focus on the other sins and temptations that also surround us. You could say that fasting is like turning off the TV when we hear a noise in the night. It allows our attention to focus better. And for that I’m willing to go without bacon until May 1st.

Don’t worry, soon you will forget about meat and start seeing the other sins and temptations that were always surrounding you. You just couldn’t see them before. THIS YEAR you can focus on fighting some of those in your life.....your soul will thank you.

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