Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Someone is Praying for You

Few sermons or Sunday School lessons stand out in my mind after more than three decades. We all have similar stories. One or two, maybe three if we’re lucky, memories of a lesson we learned from an important mentor in our life. For me, one of the single most profound moments in my life, fresh in my memory as if it took place yesterday, was one Sunday in eighth grade Sunday School. Thirty-four years later, and I still remember that day.

We were asked a basic question. “If you were ever in a airplane that was about to crash, what would go through your mind?” Answers were as you would expect from a classroom full of eighth graders. Then the words of deep spiritual wisdom, maybe even holiness, came from the mouth of our teacher.
“If you are ever in a situation like this, I want you to always remember, someone in the world is praying for you. In every Greek Orthodox [I know she would say Orthodox Christian today] Church, someone is praying for you. Some monk, some nun, some priest...in every Divine Liturgy the Church is always praying for the entire world. In every time zone, in every country, there is at least one Church praying you at this very moment. Don’t ever forget that!”
And I never have. The knowledge that someone is praying for me, no matter what time it is, has comforted me in times of struggle, and guided in times of confusion. And lately has helped me in my ministry as an Orthodox Christian Priest, offer the same words of wisdom and comfort to those I encounter along the way of life.

I have now shared these words with you, and I pray you too will never forget! Someone is praying for you right now!

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