Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I’m Fasting; I’m not a Vegan

Words matter! We all know that, and when it comes to the word “vegan” it REALLY matters. When someone “is” a vegan, it normally means they refrain from using animal products (meat, eggs, dairy or any other product derived from an animal) but often extends beyond diet such as ethical standards on the treatment of animals etc. So when someone declares themselves “AS” vegan, we can presume they are speaking in terms much greater than just food.

Words aren’t the only things that matter. Intent matters as well, and that is where my diet during a fast and a vegan diet are distinctly different. My abstinence from meat, eggs, fish, dairy, and other animal products has nothing to do with how the animal is treated, but everything to do with self control and self discipline. Keep in mind the fast also includes wine and oil, neither of which are “off limits” to vegans.

You might say that vegans and those who keep the fast share one thing in common....we allow our philosophy of life to determine how, what, and when we eat. Beyond that, other than what is on the plate, there is nothing in common with a vegan and one who keeps the fast. Since today is Wednesday, A FAST DAY, I thought I would ask us to consider WHY we fast...and not WHAT we eat today.

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