Sunday, January 24, 2016

Were you in Church today?

Thousands of Orthodox Christians were unable to attend Divine Liturgy today due to a bad winter storm. Thousands were denied the ability to receive the Grace of God because they were unable to attend Divine Liturgy. At best they sat at home WATCHING on their computer screens one of the many Divine Liturgy LIVE STREAMs available throughout the Archdiocese. If you don’t live in the Central Atlantic States or the New York area where snow forced many Churches to close today, did you take the opportunity to attend Divine Liturgy?

When so many are unable to receive Holy Communion, it becomes imperative for those who are able to attend Divine Liturgy to make every effort to attend Divine Liturgy and receive Holy Communion. Where were you today? Did you take the opportunity to receive the grace of God in Divine Liturgy and Holy Communion, or did you choose to stay home? The early Church felt it was so disrespectful for people who were allowed to receive Holy Communion, but refuse to either properly prepare or simply reject the grace of God in the Eucharist, that they were penalized with a penance of temporary excommunication. The Church took seriously the order within the Church.

How could someone who COULD receive Holy Communion REFUSE Holy Communion when so many others, whether out of penance or because they were not members of the Church WANTED to receive but were FORBIDDEN? Where were YOU today?

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