Monday, December 14, 2015

It Doesn't Matter if Your Name is on the List if You Make Excuses

In the Parable of the Great Banquet found in the Gospel of
Luke 14.16-24, Jesus warns us of the result of excuses. When we continue to
come up with excuses why we can’t attend Church, or why we can’t live the life
of the Church which is meant to prepare us for heaven, then we will find
ourselves left out. The life of the Church has only one purpose, to prepare us
for heaven. It doesn’t matter if our name is on the membership list in the Church
office, if we make excuses and don’t accept God’s invitation to attend the
banquet known as the Divine Liturgy. If we live a life filled with excuses
about church when we are alive, the chances are much greater that we will
continue to make excuses when God reminds us that heaven is ready and waiting
for us. It won’t make any difference when we claim our name is on the
invitation list, it will be too late.

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