Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holy Martyr Anastasia Intercede for Us!

A brief story about Saint Anastasia - This Saint, who was from Rome, was a most comely, wealthy, and virtuous maiden, the daughter of Praepextatus and Fausta. It was her mother who instructed her in the Faith of Christ. The Saint was joined to a man named Publius Patricius, who was prodigal in life and impious in disposition, but she was widowed after a short time. Henceforth, she went about secretly to the dwellings of the poor and the prisons where the Martyrs of Christ were, and brought them whatever was needed for their daily subsistence. She washed their wounds and loosed them from their fetters, and consoled them in their anguish. Also, because the Saint, through her intercessions, has healed many from the ill effects of spells, potions, poisons, and other harmful substances, she has received the name "Deliverer from Potions." Since the fame of her deeds had spread about, she was arrested by Diocletian's minions, and after enduring many torments she was put to death by fire in the year 290. (from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America website)

Can you imagine being killed just because you show compassion on other people? Can you imagine being burned to death just because your love for Christ provided you with the willingness to wash the wounds of Christian prisoners? Do you still thing your faith is strong? Do you still think you are loving the way Christ has called you? Something to consider just days before the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord.

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