Monday, November 16, 2015


The Church is filled with them; people who live sinful lives
and then arrive Sunday morning acting like angels. It turns many people off
from “religion” and even more from attending Church on Sunday mornings. It is
common to hear the excuse, “I have no intention of changing my behavior, so
instead of being a hypocrite I just stay home.” What if everyone in Church
wasn’t a hypocrite but an addict? What if instead of enjoying their sinful
lives, people in Church on Sunday morning awoke every day committing to the
Lord they would change, but by NOON had already fallen into their old habits?
What if everyone were addicted to sin? And then.....what if YOU understood YOU
weren’t better than anyone else, and 
addicted to sin just like everyone else. You could finally be a love
your neighbor as yourself.

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