Monday, October 26, 2015

Don’t Pick the Pigs over the People

When Jesus healed the man with legion demons, He used a
heard of pigs from the nearby town for the demons to enter. We all remember the
story; the pigs went running off the cliff and died. The town folk, not wanting
to lose the investment of the pigs, could not bear to see their resources taken
away from them, just for some poor demoniac. They were so greedy; they chased
Jesus away from their town. Many times, we find ourselves chasing Jesus away by
refusing to allow Him to use OUR resources for the ministry of His Church. We
would rather see the Church limp along; barely able to keep the doors open than
to go without cable television. This story isn’t just about healing a demoniac;
it is about stewardship, and whether we pick the pigs over the people.

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