Sunday, September 6, 2015

Willing AND Prepared to Enter Heaven

When Jesus describes heaven, He uses parables so we can
better understand. In the parable of the marriage feast found in Matthew
22.2-14, we find several profound truths in the layers of the story, which
teach us not only that we have been invited to enter heaven, but that, how we
respond to the Church will absolutely have an impact on whether or not we will
find ourselves in, or out, of heaven. If we make excuses, mock and disregard
the Church, and reject the invitation of the Church, we will find ourselves not
worthy to enter heaven. But even if we accept the invitation, but we attempt to
enter heaven without listening to the Church’s teachings and by preparing
ourselves, we will also find ourselves on the outside. The Church, as he
servants of God, is the key to the gates, and we must be willing AND prepared
to enter heaven.

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