Monday, September 14, 2015

The Cure

When we are sick, we follow the advice of our doctor if we
desire to be healed from whatever sickness or disease we have. We do this,
because we believe the doctor knows the best cure. We trust him to have our
best interest at hand. We put our belief in his abilities into action, and
follow his instructions to the letter of the law written on the prescription. But
when our soul is in need of healing most of us, most of the time, ignore the
advice of the Church. The Physician of our Souls, Jesus Christ Himself, has
provided a cure for our spiritual sickness, and we ignore it. He has given us a
way of life we call the Church, and though we claim to believe in the cure, we
refuse to follow the instructions necessary to experience a full recovery. We
refuse, all the while rationalizing away our poor choices in the name of
comfort and wanting to avoid suffering, the very cure that has been tried and
tested for two thousand years. Sometimes the cure is painful, and causes nausea,
but healing comes through the struggle of the cure. If we avoid the struggle,
we avoid the cure. The time has come for us to embrace the life of the Church,
struggle and all, and allow Christ to heal us through His Church.

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