Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our Ministry Continues to Expand

Our LIVE STREAM Bible Study ministry continues to grow, and for this I am extremely thankful to God. Through the cooperation of many individuals, many of them fan of this blog, we have succeeded in expanding our internet presence for the glory of God. I just wanted to outline a few new elements of our Bible Study ministry. Of course, I invite EVERYONE to join us "in person" but I also know many people live in an area without an Orthodox Christian Church, or their particular schedule makes it difficult for them to attend a Bible study in their local city. Thankfully we are blessed to be able to share our ministry with others.

The Orthodox Christian Network has been a strong supporter of our ministry in the past seven years. You may remember hearing a few of our sermons on the OCN Podcast "Theologically Thinking" over the years. Last year, the OCN expanded their support of our ministry by sharing our video sermons and LIVE STREAM Bible studies on their website. Immediately, support of our ministry began to expand, and this year the OCN has again expanded its support of our ministry by creating a dedicated area within their website where fans can download study guides and watch LIVE STREAM Bible studies and register to receive reminders and links each week.

In addition to the expanded presence on the OCN, the audio version of our weekly Bible study airs three times each day on The Anchor, an online radio ministry of the OCN. Now, even if you miss the LIVE STREAM or just want to listen "in the background" at work, you can tune in to The Anchor. Our Bible study follows the very popular "Come Receive the Light" radio program daily at 9am, NOON and 6pm.

IF THAT weren't enough.....we have also been working with Orthodox Circle (sort of like a facebook for Orthodox) to offer a LIVE CHAT ROOM where fans could chat about the Bible Study during the LIVE STREAM. I had noticed that many wanted to chat, but with certain YouTube limitations, people could not engage in the discussion. I am currently working to establish a group of approved moderators who will be willing to "bump up" certain questions from the Orthodox Circle chat room to YouTube (since I can only see the YouTube feed during LIVE sessions) so I can include additional questions in the live stream. The Orthodox Circle requires a special membership, but doesn't require members to be Orthodox. I invite ALL my fans to join Orthodox Circle AND join the dedicated "circle" for the Bible study.

So now there are many opportunities for you to connect with our ministry, and for that I am thankful to God. May He continue to bless our ministry to inspire YOU to Live A New Life in Christ.

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