Monday, September 28, 2015

A New Season

The Church calendar includes different seasons during which
we read different Gospel lessons each day. On the second Sunday after the Feast
of the Holy Cross, known as the First Sunday of Luke, we witness the calling of
the first disciples by Christ. Jesus Christ calls a few humble but faithful
fishermen to trust Him enough to leave everything aside and follow Him. This
new season of the Church, allows for us to reconsider our role within the
ministry of the Church, and whether we desire to leave aside the secular
temptations of the world to be part of the team we call, The Church. Jesus
Christ didn’t accomplish His ministry in isolation; He involved the Disciples to
help Him. Adam couldn’t exist in isolation; God created Eve to assist him. The
Church also doesn’t work in isolation; we are called to assist the Church – and
therefore Christ – to cast our nets out into the deep and bring in as many as
God has determined should join the Church. But all this takes requires a fresh
perspective. It requires a fresh vantage point. It requires a new season in our
lives. And in this new season, when God is with, nothing is against us.

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