Monday, August 24, 2015

What Good Thing Must I do to Have Eternal Life

It is a question we all ask, but are we really interested in
the answer? “What good thing must I do to have eternal life?” These were the
words of a rich man, who THOUGHT He wanted to go to heaven. But when he heard
what would be required of him, he went away sorrowful. When pushed for an
answer, Jesus said, “If you wish to be perfect, sell what you have, and give to
the poor, and follow me.” If we cannot bear the idea of living in complete
poverty; if we cannot bear the idea of leaving “it all” behind, then we will
walk away from God full of sorrow. If we really to follow Jesus into heaven,
then we will live the life of the Church, which He established to lead us to
heaven. What good thing must you do? Live the life of the Church and you will
find your heart with Jesus and you will follow Him into heaven.

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