Monday, July 13, 2015

Transform Your Fear into Wonder

All people, when they encounter God, respond to his acts of
love in different ways. Some are afraid to be seen by God, since they know
their sins deserve punishment. Others see God’s willingness to forgive with
wonder, and take the opportunity for repentance. Sometimes fear can paralyze us
into inaction, hiding ourselves from God in the hopes that He will not see us.
Adam and Eve tried that! Other times fear can keep us safe from the dangers of
the world like train tracks and hot stoves. But fear should never keep us from
opening our hearts to God, so that we can learn from His love, and repent. It
is only when we transform our fear into wonder that we can confess our sins in
the Mystery of Confession with open hearts, be forgiven by God, and grow closer
to Him.

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