Friday, July 3, 2015

Suffering in the Presence of God

When Jesus was approaching the country of the Gergesenes, He was met by two men who were demon possessed. We are told the demons were so fierce, these men actually lived among the tombs, and still they would torment others. But the time came for them to meet Jesus, and the demons were the ones tormented, not by violence, but by the very presence of God.  Sometimes, just being in God’s presence can be torment for those who reject His love.

But we don’t have to be possessed by demons to be tormented by God. Sometimes we are tormented by just the idea that God is near to us. As He approaches are stomachs might tighten up, our mouth might become dry, and we may break into a sweat at the very notion that the Creator of the Universe is calling our name. Or....then again, we may prefer that God depart far from us, so that we can continue in our sinful lives.

Some people just cannot tolerate being in God’s presence because they are reminded of their sin. The town people, after being reminded of their sin and losing their flock of swine, chased God away from their presence. They couldn’t tolerate seeing the consequences of their choices. But our life can be different. God gave the two men a new chance, free from the demons. He granted them a new beginning to life, and He can grant you a new beginning also.  What is your choice? Are you tormented by knowing God is close to you? Will you chase Him away, or will you thank Him for a new life? The choice is yours.

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