Thursday, July 30, 2015

Everyone Needs a Little Time Away

As summer comes to a close, and vacation season is coming to an end, it is a nice reminder that even Jesus took some time away for prayer. According to the Gospel of Matthew, we hear that just after feeding thousands of people with just a few loaves of bread a couple fish, He sent the Disciples on to their next location, while He went to the top of a mountain to pray by Himself.

Each of us needs some time for reflection and prayer. Our society has grown increasingly busy to the point that many of us forget about these important quiet moments when we can pray without the distractions of the world. This is one reason we incorporate a daily “Alone with God” time during our Metropolis Camps and Retreats. We all need a few minutes by ourselves to pray to God....and then to listen for His voice.

I invite you, in the coming weeks as your family looks ahead to the “Fall Schedule” to make a better effort to include time at Church throughout the week for prayer and reflection. At the Church is the only place we can be free of the distraction of our busy schedules, so we can hear God. This week is an excellent opportunity to “get started” as people will gather in Church each evening for Paraklesis to the Theotokos. But don’t stop with this week, and don’t limit your time in Church to just Sunday morning. Each week, throughout the year, Churches offer worship services and times for fellowship and Bible study. They do this for YOU to find that important time for prayer and reflection. I pray you will take advantage of this gift.

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