Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Holy and Great Wednesday – Humility or Hubris?

During the third Bridegroom Matins of Holy Week, the Church offers a poignant look at two individuals and challenges us to consider with which we associate. The entire evening is dedicated to the image of total repentance and humility of the sinful woman juxtaposed with the sin of Judas.

Here is “one of my favorite” hymns from last night’s service as translated by Fr Seraphim Dedes, available on his website at:
When the sinful woman offered the fragrant oil, then the disciple made his agreement with the transgressors of the Law. She rejoiced in pouring out the costly oil, and he lost no time in selling off the priceless One. She acknowledged the Master, and he was becoming estranged from the Master. She was emancipated, while Judas became a slave of the enemy. How dreadful was his rashness! How great was her repentance! Grant me this repentance, O Savior who suffered for us, and save us.

As you can see from the touching hymn, WE are called to imitate her repentance while avoiding his sinful pride. Are you filled with humility or hubris? Holy Week is your chance to figure it out!

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