Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Warning for Christians

If you have followed my blog for a while you might know I try to avoid commenting on politics. I have found little common ground when discussing politics, especially when melded with religion. But today is different. With all the talk last week about Radical Islam, and the recent attack and resulting protest in France, I have decided to offer my “two cents” into the debate.

Christians Beware!

I think we have come to time when Christians must be extra vigilant, but I might not mean what you think I mean. I believe it is a dangerous partnership when Christians allow, or even encourage in some circles, the government to classify any religion or any faction of a religion as radical. To bestow upon the government the ability to determine which form of a religion is the correct or incorrect form, while you might personally agree with its classification, leaves open the door to a very dangerous precedent. Such classification leads to legislation which leads to persecution.

I dare say Christians would not be so supportive if the government suddenly classified Southern Baptists as Radical Christians and declared Evangelical Christians as the moderate “true” believers of Christ. In fact, I suspect any of the more than 40,000 denominations of Christianity would be not a little bent out of shape. But, when we, as Christians, encourage the government to make such classifications about Islam, we are only setting the groundwork for future more intrusive actions by the government against Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism etc. There is no end to which the law will take such precedent. If you think otherwise, you do not understand United States juris prudence.

Now, before you comment about the violent atrocities taking place in the “name of Islam”, don’t think for a moment that I condone any of these actions. I do not. In fact, I believe Islam to be wrong and spiritual dangerous for every human’s hope for eternal peace with God. That being said, I am not in a position to declare, especially as a Christians myself, which form of Islam is the “real” Islam. That classification must remain an internal one, even if most Muslims choose not to offer their opinion. 

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