Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What do You Hope for in 2015?

With the New Year just hours away, millions of people are filled with hope for the coming year. Social networks are streaming with best wishes for the New Year, but what do YOU hope for in 2015? Do you hope for good health? Do you hope for financial prosperity? Are you hoping for that new job or house? Hope is a basic emotion of our human existence, but unfortunately it is often misguided. It isn’t so much WHAT we hope for this is misguided, but WHY we hope.

We hope for good health, SO THAT we can have time for repentance of our many sins and glorify God.
We hope for prosperity, SO THAT we can do the work of Christ and His Church and glorify God.
We hope for a new job, SO THAT we can support our family with basic needs and glorify God.

If our hope is not focused on giving glory to God and preparing our soul for eternity with Him, then our hope is misguided. So what do YOU hope for in 2015?

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