Friday, December 12, 2014


During the holiday season, our mailboxes fill with special invitations from our friends and family to attend dinners and holiday celebrations. As soon as we receive the invitation, we look at our calendar to determine whether or not we can attend, that is, ‘IF’ we ‘WANT’ to attend the celebration at all. Our reaction to an invitation, once opened is what ‘ACTUALLY’ determines whether or not we will ever show up in the first place.

Some possible considerations when we receive a special invitation include:
  • Do we enjoy spending time with the host/hostess?
  • Would we rather be doing something else that evening?
  • Have we already been invited to attend a different celebration that evening?
  • ‘IF’ we have already received a different invitation, which host/hostess do we prefer?
  • Have we already said ‘YES’ to a different invitation and now we wish we had not?
  • Do we simply want to ‘keep our options open’ for that evening for a better offer?

There are many other possible considerations, but I think you get the idea.

Well...YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED to a special, the most special, celebration...

God has sent you a personal invitation to join Him at the table, not only for Christmas, but for every day for the rest of time. Will you respond to Him?

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