Friday, September 12, 2014

Politics and Morals Don’t Mix

In a recent conference in Washington, D.C. a group gathered to discuss the plight of Christians in the Middle East. It was held in Washington, I suppose, with the dream that close proximity to our Nation’s politicians would garner a certain amount of attention to the moral cause of protecting an oppressed people. According to statements made by the organizing committee, the discussion was productive. However, a US Senator, believing (again I suppose) that American Foreign policy interests would be morally sufficient for anyone to support the Nation of Israel, was booed off the stage by a primarily Arab Christian group of people. Why?????because politics and morals don’t mix.

In America it has become trendy to use expression such as, “Keep your religion to yourselves,” or “Don’t force your religion on others.” In many of these cases that I have experienced these expression are used in response to a predominantly Christian moral being used as a basis for law. Of course the most common moral issue debated nowadays is same-sex marriage. The Christian Church (in general terms) has been characterized a gay-hating, middle-ages loving, white men, which may actually be true in a few cases. But any objective evaluation would reveal this is just not the case. In fact, if something is to be voted upon, which is the American political way of assessing common moral behaviors, how ANYONE chooses to come to their particular vote is a matter of choice. This unfortunately is rarely the case. Why??????because politics and morals don’t mix.

And yet, another popular trend today is for America to “force” her morals upon other countries when it comes to issues of gender, sexuality, citizenship qualifications, and even international borders. How is it, that a population which demands to be left to their own moral choices chooses NOT to allow other nations the same benefit? Why????because politics and morals don’t mix.

Even within America, those who cry freedom of moral oppression from one party, acknowledge that OTHER behaviors are CLEARLY not acceptable. Polygamy, Incest, Child-Adult relationships, bestiality...ALL these are just as taboo as homosexuality used to be, and YET, the LGBT community continues to demand their independent right while denying anyone else to ability to vote on the matter. Why???????you got it....politics and morals don’t mix.

So what is the solution? God gives each human being the free will to choose Him or to deny Him. We live in a society which allows for the public debate and participation in the setting of common morals. It seems pretty clear to me that LGBT issues are quickly becoming the “norm” while bestiality etc are not. I accept that I live in a land that allows for such freedoms to be manifest in the very laws of our nation. In fact, I am thankful for the freedom this country does allow for. However, I think it is high-time for both sides to concede they will not convince the other. In the meantime, can we at least acknowledge that both sides benefit when we allow freedom to prevail?

That means.....if Christians want the freedom to not support, participate in, or in any other way endorse same-sex marriage, we must not forget it is that SAME freedom that allows others the choice TO marry. Alternatively, if the LGBT community wants others to keep their religion to themselves, they must not forget it is the SAME freedom they are attempting to deny others in their choice. Freedom works both ways, and while politics and morals don’t mix.......politics and freedom are a match made in heaven.

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