Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Don’t You Think It’s Time We Take Responsibility for Ourselves?

Ever since Adam and Eve refused responsibility for their disobedience of God, (See Genesis 3.12-13) the “stain of original sin” has plagued each of us. We each have inherited a fallen world in which we EACH have a proclivity toward sin. We can’t seem to avoid it. Even Saint Paul acknowledged this “war inside” of us in which we do that which do not wish to do, and don’t do that which we wish to do. (See Romans 7.15-25)

So, when will we finally learn to take responsibility for our sins? Many people are of the opinion that their sins do not affect the “greater society” with all the talk of so-called victimless crimes. BUT the reality is that our sins DO have an effect on others. Just consider the recent recall of GRACO infant seats. In an article today, it was announced that GRACO “gave in” to pressure to include the infant seats in a recall because “Buckles can get gummed up by food and drinks, and that could make it hard to remove children.” The article STATES “The company says there have been no injuries reported because of the problem.” So let me get this correct......NOBODY has been hurt, but because some parents don’t clean their infant and car seats, food and drink “gum up” the buckles so the COMPANY has to spend millions to replace dirty buckles? PLEASE!

I’m not against product safety standards. I’m not even against reasonable oversight, but in THIS case we’re not talking about straps that didn’t safely restrain children or infants in accidents. How much you want to bet that the “new buckle design” will eventually be found not strong enough because it had to be altered to accommodate parents “lack of cleaning habits?”

Now before you get all “we have to protect our children” on me, you must understand this post isn’t about child safety, nor is about government agencies. It IS about personal responsibility. When we sin, we MUST stop trying to pass the buck. Our friends can’t make us sin. The most relaxed safety standards can’t make us sin. Even the devil can’t make us sin. WE SIN, and it’s about time we take responsibility for our behavior.

Christ understood this when He granted the Church authority to forgive sins. The Church understood this when it commanded the confessor to fully consider the heart of the penitent in “meting out mercy.” That is the gift of Holy Confession. WE take responsibility for our sin, and engage in a life of repentance to grow ever closer to Christ.

Take responsibility for your sin, and schedule Holy Confession with your Priest TODAY!

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