Friday, February 14, 2014

A Chance to Spend Time with God in His Church

It has been a cold, wintery year so far in 2014. With record cold temperatures, snow and ice storms, and thousands of our neighbors without power for hours, or even days, it allows us the chance to keep things in perspective. When the weather drives us indoors without the ability to “stay busy” as we have become accustomed to, our initial however, reaction is frustration.

But frustration eventually leads to contentment when we allow ourselves to appreciate a few hours without cell phones, email, cable TV, and road traffic. And if we are lucky enough to lose power, and must depend upon the sun for light and each other for company, then if even by force, we accept the hours ahead for quiet family time around a fire. Then we allow ourselves to realize what really is important in our lives – time with our family. In the stillness of a candle-lit room, surrounded by our family, we realize how much busier our lives have become, and how much we missed spending time together. The bad winter storm has succeeded in restoring a close family unity that few ever regret.

The cold weather is behind us, and we look ahead to another spring. We look ahead to another opportunity to keep things in perspective. Our lives have indeed become so busy; we have forgotten what it means to spend time with God, in His house. We have forgotten how much peace we experience being in a Church lit only by candlelight. We have forgotten how much joy we experience lifting our voices to the Lord during the worship services we remember from our youth. We have forgotten what really matters – our soul’s time with God.

Great Lent is our annual chance to keep things in perspective. Great Lent is our annual gift, like the storms of winter, to come together as a family in the quiet of a candlelit Church, to reconnect to our Lord and His Church. Great Lent is our annual opportunity to slow down, and speak to God without cell phones, emails, cable TV, and social networking sites.

But just like a winter storm, the services and strict lifestyle of Great Lent, at first can be met with frustration. BUT, every year I hear people say, “I’m going to miss the services. I really enjoyed them this year.” Sometimes we have to look past the inconvenience of attending Church and allow ourselves to enjoy the time spent in Church. THEN we will look back and realize what is really important in life.

Eventually the snow melts, and we return to our daily lives, closer to our family and missing the hours we spent together. Don’t allow Great Lent to go by without taking full advantage of the peace, stillness, and God-filled services. Don’t allow Great Lent to end with you looking back saying, “Why didn’t I go to Church more? It’s too late, Great Lent is over.”

Don’t allow Great Lent to end without spending time with God in His Church.

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