Thursday, January 2, 2014

Watch Carefully - You Just Might See God

Have you noticed the difference already since Christmas? It has only been a few days since we celebrated the coming of the Light into the world, and already the days are getting longer. ALL creation is used by God to direct our attention toward Him. He used the stars to lead the Magi, and therefore an entire culture of people, to worship Him at His birth. In a similar way, He offers us the longer days, for those Christians in the Northern Hemisphere, and shorter nights.

Many have argued that the Church “borrowed the solstice from the pagans in an attempt to Christianize their culture. I won’t argue that point here, since my friend and fellow blogger John Sanidopoulos covers this MYTH at great length and detail on his blog “Mystagogy” which I encourage everyone to visit. I happen to accept that God, already knowing the pattern of the Sun, inspired Christians to see the growing days as relative to the coming of the Light into the world.

There are other inspired actions in the Church, that NOW with other scientific research we find to be of benefit.
  • A woman needs “about” 40 days to properly heal after childbirth.
  • Doctors now suggest fasting has a physical benefit.

Maybe we could create a list of ancient Church traditions that are now encouraged by scientists. It might make a nice panel discussion.

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