Saturday, January 4, 2014

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas – We Could Sure Use Some Pipers Piping

 “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 3.1)

As we continue our theme of Theophany, today we hear John the Baptist’s call to us from the wilderness. Many answered this call and went out to John and were baptized, “confessing their sins.” Have you responded yet? Have you gone out into the desert and heard the message of the Kingdom of Heaven? The Feast of Theophany was one of the original days for baptism in the ancient Church, imitating Christ’s baptism. Since baptism is a “once only” event in our Faith, how can we relive that moment when we joined Christ? The Church offers the “Great Blessing of the Waters” as part of our celebration of Theophany. We actually no longer celebrate baptisms on this day, but with the Great Blessing of the Waters, we can each rededicate our lives to Christ. Many of the prayers from the Great Blessing of the Waters are taken from the Baptism service. Once the water has been blessed, we drink it, we sprinkle the Church with it, we sprinkle our homes with it, and we sprinkle our cars, offices, crops, livestock, and anything that is a part of our life with it. In the sprinkling of Holy Water, we ask God to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into our entire life and rescue us from the desert of the world. If only we had eleven pipers piping so more people could hear the call to follow Christ! I know….YOU be the piper!

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