Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – When Will the Suffering End?

According to the 12 Days of Christmas SONG, today is the day we expect five golden rings. Instead of gifts today, the Church offers us instead a somber reminder of the suffering at the hands of King Herod. In his rage against God, he slaughtered thousands of innocent infants, trying to kill the new-born Jesus. The world is still raging against God, with the killing of millions of babies by abortion and tens of thousands of others at the hands of terrorists in the Middle East.

The terror continues against God’s people, not because they (we) have done anything against them, but because any hint of the love of Christ creates anger and resentment in the devil and those whom he controls.

America kills more than one million innocent babies by abortion each year, EACH YEAR! And most of us just sit idle and watch from the sidelines. It is up to us to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We cannot sit quietly by as millions continue to be offered on the altar of individualism. We must pray for the elimination of all innocent killing by abortion, and any other indiscriminate killing sanctioned by our nation.

In case you’re wondering, I am also against capital punishment. For Orthodox Christianity, ALL human life is sacred and must be protected. 

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