Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Forget about Random Acts of Kindness

There is a story in today's news about a challenge from my Governor. (I live in South Carolina) According to the story, Governor Nikki Haley has challenged South Carolinians to perform "at least one random act of kindness" this holiday season, to which I say NEVER!

When Christ became incarnate, it wasn't a random act, but an intentional act of love. In the healing miracle stories in the New Testament, Jesus always had a personal interaction with the people He was healing. He came and "dwelt [pitched His tent] among us." (John 1.14)

If the Governor really wants us to show the so-called "spirit of Christmas", which is the Feast of the INTENTIONAL Incarnation of God, then we should focus our attention on showing intentional love. There should be nothing random about our love for others, and it definitely shouldn't be just during the so-called holiday season.

So Governor Haley... forget about random acts of kindness.

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