Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Church – It’s Where Christmas Is

Orthodox Christianity has a long-tested and Sacred Tradition of worshipping God in the same fashion as the ancient People of God. According to God’s commands, the Temple (which is unquestionably the prototype for Orthodox Churches  to this day) was the location where the People of God encountered Him as their Creator. In the same way, we encounter God in the Church for Divine Liturgy. If we desire to encounter God at His birth, the only logical place would be in His House. Just as we would encounter any newborn child in his home with his mother, we encounter God in His House, the Church.

Today, we begin the celebration of Christmas with the Great Hours of Christmas. This evening we will celebrate the Vespers Liturgy of Christmas and tomorrow, the Feast of the Nativity in the Flesh of Christ, our Lord and Savior. Want to encounter Him? Go to Church!

This sermon (on our old camera) was from Christmas 2011. Please excuse the poor sound quality. Our new camera is MUCH better...

This post is written for the 40 Days of Blogging Challenge sponsored by the Preachers Institute. You may find other blogs participating in this challenge. I hope you enjoy this year’s Advent journey.

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