Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Choosing Quality Seeds for Your Garden

As you know, I enjoy my garden. Not only can a garden produce delicious food for our bodies to be nourished, but it can also provide many valuable lessons for life. One thing ever gardener must understand is the quality of seeds for our particular soil. Certain seeds are not capable of bringing fruit is certain climates. Similarly, every gardener must learn to understand his particular soil and take the necessary actions to work the soil (to soften it), to amend the soil (to make it more fertile) and to weed the soil (to allow for a good crop), all in order to receive high quality seed.

Jesus knew our salvation required much the same care as our garden. But in the case of our salvation, there is no chance for a bad seed, since the seed is Christ Himself! We could say the seed of Christ’s Gospel is an heirloom seed. Heirloom seeds, when placed in fertile and well worked soil, bring delicious and plentiful fruit. The means, our focus must be on the soil of our soul.

According the Gospel, the soil of our soul is either;
…hardened not allowing the Word of God to penetrate,
…filled with temptation not allowing the Word of God to deeply root,
…filled with the cares of riches and the pleasures of life not allowing the Word of God to bring fruit,
…rich and fertile allowing the Word of God to root deeply and produce a crop a hundredfold.

We already know the seed is perfect. The only thing left is our soul. Will it be rich and fertile and receive the Word of God? Something to think about, before we go blaming the seed for our lack of fruit.

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