Wednesday, April 17, 2013

“Μαράν αθά – O Lord, Come!” 1 Corinthians 16.22

A few days ago we were met with the tragic news of yet another bombing of innocent people in Boston, MA. Watching the news, we are continually shocked to hear of such acts of hatred and evil. We are shocked that, even though we live in so-called “modern times,” such acts of terrorism and total hatred continue to reveal the state of a fallen world in pain which we cannot escape.

The words above express the pain and shock of the Church shared by Saint Paul in ancient Corinth, yet remain relevant today. Ancient Corinth shared many characteristics of our modern American society. Multi-cultural and highly educated populations, often very wealthy, found themselves quite satisfied with the secular logic and morals of their day rather than following the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church. The same is our struggle today in modern America. We are surrounded by teachings of moralities and ethics that are in direct contradiction to the teachings of Christ and His Church. Making it worse, then in Corinth and now in America, many of our own faithful have abandoned the moral and spiritual life of the Church.

According to St John Chrysostom, the great St Paul used these words to convey the urgency and mercy AND REALITY of God’s saving Passion on the Cross and glorious Resurrection from the dead, as the means for us to escape the reality of our fallen world. We may experience, indeed we will experience, pain and suffering in the world, but the glorious Resurrection of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ has forever defeated the affect of that pain. The pain is only temporary.

Because of His death and glorious resurrection, Jesus Christ has given us a new way to live. He has blessed us with a new alternative to the evil and broken morality of the world. He has opened for us the path to Heaven through His Holy Orthodox Church. This is worthy of celebration! The Lord HAS come to rescue us from the evil and surrounds us. The evil is only temporary.

Just as ancient Israel left the oppression and pain of slavery behind when they departed from Egypt, we will leave the pain and suffering behind when we depart from the “ways of the world” and live a life in Christ. Orthodox Christians will join their voices together in Churches in on May 5th to sing the glorious hymn of the Resurrection; Christ is risen from the dead, by death, trampling down upon death, He has granted life. Life in Christ is eternal! O Lord Come!

THAT is something to celebrate!

Christ is Risen! Χριστός Ανέστη! Христос Воскресе! Hristos a înviat! Al-Masih-Qam! Cristo ha resucitado! ქრისტე აღსდგა!


Truly He is Risen!

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