Saturday, December 8, 2012

Three Examples of God’s Grace

Saint Anna – mother of the Theotokos

  1.  lived life barren without children into her old age
  2.  in old age prayed to God that she and her husband (Joachim) would dedicate their child to God
  3. in old age, God blessed her with the natural conception of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Saint Nikiforos the Righteous orphaned as a young child
  1. developed leprosy at the age of thirteen
  2. exiled at the age of sixteen to Egypt because of his disease
  3. relocated to Chios at the age of twenty-four to live in a home for lepers
  4. relocated to Athens at the age of 67 when home for lepers closed to live in another leper home
  5. died of leprosy at the age of 74 – never ceasing his praise God, his relics were fragrant with myrrh when they were uncovered. Many miracles have been attributed to St Nikiforos the Righteous. He was canonized on December 2, 2012, by the Holy and Great Synod in Constantinople.

Woman in today’s Gospel (Luke 13.10-17)

  1.  bent over for eighteen years not being able to stand up straight
  2. on “a Sabbath” she was in the Synagogue praying
  3.  God healed her with a mere touch
  4.  she stood up and “glorified God”

Do you still think you’re suffering unfairly?

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