Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don’t Stop Now….You’re in the Home Stretch

Toward the end of any race we can become fatigued both physically and mentally, and many experience this fatigue with the finish line in sight. It is just then that we must focus our attention on the goal and put everything we have into finishing the race with zeal and a certain level of accomplishment. The same holds true to the spiritual race of fasting for Christmas.

The Church has been encouraging us to fast, at least from meat, since November 15th and Christmas is just days away. We are in the home stretch, and may feel a bit fatigued. But DON’T GIVE UP NOW. The race is almost finished and you can cross the finish line Monday evening during the Divine Liturgy with zeal and feeling a bit of accomplishment, especially if you have never fasted for Christmas before. It just requires a bit of spiritual focus.

The hectic shopping frenzy, the constant news updates about the fiscal cliff, and what seemed like non-stop holidays parties is coming to an end….but we STILL NEED TO CELEBRATE Christmas. While our friends and neighbors are experiencing “burn out” from the holiday craze, we will be celebrating the Divine Liturgy Monday evening.

Keep your focus just a bit more, and spend Christmas Eve in prayer and fasting as “that last push” toward the finish line. Christmas services ACTUALLY BEGIN Monday morning at 8:30am with Royal Hours and Vespers. Then we CONTINUE in worship with Orthros Monday evening at 8pm followed by Divine Liturgy and a community celebration in the Fellowship Hall. See you in Church!

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