Friday, November 30, 2012

What do property rights have to do with God?

Property rights are at the very foundation of our nation. Wars have been fought over who has them and who has the right take them away. In our American society we acknowledge two types of property rights: real (land) and personal (stuff we own) and there is a very intricate system of laws protecting our property rights as United States Citizens. With the looming fiscal cliff, we are frightened, at least we are supposed to be, by the possibility of our home or our retirement program losing value. But our society has it all wrong….


The reality is that God owns everything. We are only stewards of the gifts He has given us. If you doubt this reality, drive by any cemetery; you will not see any banks, real estate agencies, electronics stores etc. We can’t take anything with us that does not truly belong to us. The only thing that has been given to us, the only thing that is genuinely ours, is our eternal soul…the rest we leave behind.


Please consider this truth of life this Christmas season and find time to reconnect with God in Church. As for the coming fiscal cliff…..human beings have lived many centuries without housing markets and stock portfolios or pension plans, but WE ALL NEED OUR SOULS.

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