Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Joy that Goes with Having Visitors

We all know what joy it brings to have guests visit our home, especially visitors that are important and special. We all know how exciting it can be when a famous person visits our town. We all know how people talk around town when a famous and important person is seen in our neighborhood. So we can imagine just how excited the crowd was after Jesus brought a young man back to life. They said, “A great prophet has risen among us. God has visited His people.” (Luke 7.16)


And we also know just how much work is required for that special visitor. Even if we haven’t personally hosted a special guest in town, just based upon what it takes to host a guest in our home, we can expect how much work is involved in hosting such a special visitor. So we also can imagine another reaction to Jesus when, “fear seized them all.”


It is a huge responsibility to host any visitor, let alone God, but the joy of hosting and being honored by such a guest, far outweighs the burden. If we can understand this about how the crowd reacted to God’s visit, maybe we can bring ourselves to have the same reaction to Him. Maybe we can express the joy and awe that the crowd experienced when they were visited by God.


Why????????????Because He visits our Church during EVERY Liturgy.

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